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Why not come and meet our chum

Whose hands are poo and face is a bum?


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If you would like an original piece of artwork (Bumface or otherwise)

Kay Mann is currently open to commissions.

By all means ping us an email with a brief outline

(a rough description of what you have in mind,

not a black and white sketch of some underwear).


[email protected]




Although it may look like the work of a major mainstream publishing house

with a team of top creatives and unlimited  budget,

it may surprise you to learn Bumface Poohands is a completely self-funded

independent venture by the authors and all the authoring, illustrations

and mailouts are done from our shed up the end of the garden.


As such we would be interested to hear from anyone higher up the food chain

with ideas about getting Bumface out and spreading him to a larger audience.


Please contact Mr. Jels and Kay Mann at [email protected]